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Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice

Who we are

The Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice (WSICJ) was established to provide an objective outlet for policy and programming decisions impacting criminal justice agencies. With a focus on the state of Washington, the Institute is designed to provide a resource specializing in high-end sophisticated methods and applications. Tapping the experience and expertise of our faculty and well trained graduate students, we provide effective tools for design, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based practices. To better service the needs of the community and the criminal justice system, the Institute is divided into two divisions – Policing & Security and Courts & Corrections – and has members located on three WSU campuses across the state – Pullman, Spokane, and Vancouver. The institute has received initial support from the Washington State Department of Corrections and has received additional contract and grant funding from both local and national sources.

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Mission and purpose

The mission of the Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice (WSICJ) is to act as a resource for applied social science , and for technical assistance and training for the criminal justice community in the state of Washington and nationally. In support of this mission and purpose, the Institute will pursue entrepreneurial opportunities and seek out both intra and extramural support for all project-related activities.

Our services

Program Evaluation

Utilizing current and appropriate methodologies, the Institute provides process and outcome evaluations for policing, courts and correctional projects specializing in drug use, mental health and housing interventions.

Risk and Needs Assessment

With updated fourth generation applications, WSICJ has created static-dynamic tools to be used as a part of prison, reentry, and community supervision practices to guide security of inmates, identify intervention needs and assist in community supervision of reentering offenders.

Professional Education

In addition to connections to the graduate program and the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, the Institute provides specialized training and lectures series to assist both students and practitioners in the field.

Public Forums

A key component to implementation is shareholder buy-in and community involvement. As a part of project operations, WSICJ provides training, “town hall” stakeholder meetings, conference presentations and educational forums.

Grant Writing Collaboration

With the understanding that state and local budgets are often restricted, funding sources for innovative practices must often be sought from external sources. The Institute and its associated members possess a strong track record of obtaining both national and private awards for and training.

Technology Integration

As the criminal justice system strives toward effective practices and efficiency, there is an increasing demand for technological advances to improve security as well as automated procedures to improve data management and training. Successful integration and development of these applications are a noted strength of WSICJ expertise and activities.